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We receive e-mails every day with people's dress ideas - and we love em! Whether its Kate Hudons Golden Globe dress, or Kate Middletons wedding dress, we can recreate most designs. We won't copy a design like-for-like, but we will create something similar putting your twist on it. Please feel free to e-mail your ideas, give us a call, or come and see us. Alternatively - please use the form below. The cost is mainly based on 2 factors; 1, fabric and beading, and 2, if we already have a similar style in our collection that our team can use the pattern for. We're also realistic, if you're looking for a wire structured Alexander MQueen, then Alexander MQueen is what you must buy!. First & foremost we are dress designers. Around 90% of our bridal customers have a bespoke, one-of-a-kind dress made for £500-£1000.



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Typical prices: £250+ for a short dress,
£300+ for long, £400+ for ball gown. Bridal: £500+
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Straight, sweetheart, one sleeve, boater, halter..
Describe the bottom:
Fishtail, a-line, empire, 50's full, short ....
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i.e. bling, beading, under netting, etc
Alternatively, or in addition to the above information, please describe your dream dress. Feel free to send links to any dress inspiration
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